Beware of Chemically Processed Virgin Hair

Chemically processed NON-VIrgin hair is much more abundant and much cheaper than TRUE VIrgin hair. Because this hair is collected in a different way, the cuticles are mixed up and not all flowing in the same direction. Because of the two-directional cuticle flow, it causes major problems and in most cases renders the hair useless. To avoid this, many companies put the hair through harsh chemical treatments to completely remove the cuticles. This gives the hair a nice look and feel, but decrease’s the life span of the hair to less than a month. You’ve probably used is many times, because it accounts for almost 98% of the hair sold in the US. This treatment is equivalent to about 8 perms in a row! After the cuticle is removed, the hair is coated silicone to give it a shine and to mask any cuticles that were not removed completely.